Our goal is for Expert Insights to be a trusted source for product reviews, information and evaluation so businesses around the world can make better purchasing decisions. We want to be open and transparent to our readers about how we review and score solutions, and the integrity of our editorial process.


This FAQ will cover the methodologies behind our quantitative data: scores, rankings in buyers’ guides, top products and awards.


We’ll cover these FAQs:


  • How does the Expert Insights’ editorial team research and review products?
  • How does Expert Insights score products?
  • What are Expert Insights “Best-Of” awards and how are these decided?
  • How does Expert Insights decide on products to include in Buyers’ Guides?
  • What are “Top Products” and how are these decided?


How Does The Expert Insights’ Editorial Team Research And Review Products?


Expert Insights has an in-house editorial content team that is fully independent of software vendors. When creating content, our editorial content team conducts fully independent research and analysis, looking at product information, technical demos, customer reviews and speaking to both end users and industry experts. Our team also speaks to representatives from software vendors as part of the research and review process – but this does not affect the integrity of our opinions or reviews.


In addition, our editorial team is supported by an in-house team of independent technical experts with extensive experience working with B2B cloud cybersecurity solutions. Our technical team tests solutions and services and regularly speaks to end users to understand typical user needs and the effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions. The opinions of our technical experts form the basis for our reviews and editorial content direction.


How Does Expert Insights Score Products?


Expert Insights’ scoring is based on the reviews left by end users on review profiles. You can view a more detailed breakdown of how are scoring works in this article: How Does Expert Insights Score Solutions.


What Are Expert Insights “Best-Of” Awards And How Are Winners Chosen?


Expert Insights ”Best-Of” awards recognise the top vendors in any given market segment of software category. These awards are given by our independent content team to vendors we have included in our buyers’ guide articles. We do not sell awards to vendors. You can find out more below about how we decide which vendors to include in our buyers’ guide articles.


To find out more about Expert Insights awards and how they work, please visit this article: How Are Badges Awarded To Vendors?


How Does Expert Insights Decide On Products To Include In Buyers’ Guides?


Expert Insights creates buyers’ guides to help organizations research market-leading solutions in different software categories. These guides are written by Expert Insights’ independent editorial content team and recognize vendors with the strongest feature set, market presence, customer satisfaction and innovation in the industry. These are qualitative judgements made by Expert Insights’ technical experts based on our own independent market research.


Expert Insights may recognize software companies in these articles from which we receive compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on these articles (for example the order in which they appear). This does not include all software companies or all of our buyers’ guide articles. Please visit our advertising policy page for more information on our partnerships with software vendors.


What Are “Top Products” And How Are These Decided?


Expert Insights may highlight some solutions as “Top Products”, both in our buyers’ guides and in our general blog articles. The designation “Top Products” means the entities in this section have compensated Expert Insights for placement.


This compensation affects where and how these products appear on the site and often involves the inclusion of “call-to-action” (CTA) buttons, for which Expert Insights may receive a fee when clicked on. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.