We have a strict policy that reviews must follow these guidelines. 

Reviews may be removed for any of the following reasons:

● Inappropriate content: We do not allow reviews that contain or link to unlawful content, content that violates our user agreement, or violates people’s privacy.


● Conflict of interest: We do not allow reviews from employees, competitors or former employees. 

● Misrepresentation: If you are a VAR or Reseller you must make this clear. 

● Accuracy: Make sure your review is honest and objective. If a vendor tells us your review is inaccurate and you cannot prove otherwise, your review may be removed. 

● Off-topic reviews: Reviews must stay relevant and concise. 

● Outdated reviews: Reviews may be removed if they cover features no longer offered, or if a product is discontinued or rebranded. 

● Blackmail or extortion: Reviews may not be used to demand refunds, discounts, or other concessions.