First of all, thanks for deciding to write a user review! They are invaluable for customers looking for the right technology solution. To help customers, reviews should aim to be honest, objective, truthful and trustworthy. Here are a few ways to write a high quality user review:

  1. Structure the review around how you personally used the product. Outline the reasons why you needed the product and how it met your personal expectations. Readers want to know your personal experiences rather than generalizations.
  2. Let the reader know what type of customer you are, and how long you used the product.
  3. Make sure you stay as honest and as objective as you can. If you really love a product, there’s probably going to be something it could improve on, so make sure you let that be known. On the other hand, even if you cannot stand a product, there’s most likely something it does right, so make sure you honestly represent the product. 
  4. Keep the review concise and on topic.
  5. When criticising a product, remain polite, respectful and professional. We are a platform to help buyers find the right solution, not somewhere for frustrated customers to vent.
  6. Enjoy writing, and remember that you're really helping someone by taking time out of your busy schedule to leave a reviw.